About …

Ten Facts About The Blogger:


1. Although I prefer Batman, it is my firmly held belief that Superman would kick his PVC-clad butt if, God forbid, they ever came to blows. This thought makes me sadder than you can ever know. Probably on more than one level.


2. I loathe Superman. I hope he dies in a freak accident involving tights made out of kryptonite.


3 . I don’t believe in fairies. However, I do believe that anyone with a pink car bearing a sticker that says ‘Powered by fairy dust’ should be slowly fed to a large, ravenous crocodile. Twice.


4. I enjoy dining out in nice restaurants. But I enjoy eating crisps and Curly Wurlys on a comfortable sofa even more.


5. I think cats are bastards. It’s the thing I like most about them.


6. Some words I would snuggle with: ‘Anatidaephobia’; ‘Pootle’; ‘Gnarly’; ‘Flibbertigibbet’. Some words I wouldn’t poke with a shitty stick: ‘Panties’; ‘Hubby’; ‘Sassy’; ‘Amazeballs’.


7. I tell everyone that my favourite book is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ but actually it’s only my second favourite. My true favourite book is the ‘Fungus the Bogeyman: Plop-up Book‘.


8. Foxes make me cry. Not in a cruel way – they’re just really beautiful.


9. I asked some of my friends to compose a personal ad that they thought best described me. This is what they came up with:

  • Female. 31. Own teeth and tits (still reasonably perky). Crap at relationships but good at Scrabble. Anybody seeking serious LTR – yeah, good luck with that.
  • Female, 31 and flirty (may manifest as chronic shyness and/or social awkwardness). NS. Likes shoes, Chinese food and cats – but not in a mad way. Doesn’t smell of wee.
  • Princess-type seeks knight in shining armour to rescue her from life of unmitigated tedium and celibacy. Must be NS and have own horse/castle.
  • Fem. 31. Twenny dollar me love you long time.


10. I have never smoked a cigarette. Nor have I ever had an alcoholic drink. I think we both know that one of those statements is a blatant lie.


CM x


2 thoughts on “About …

  1. hahaa!!1 yesssssssssssss! i can’t believe you actually put our ads in. mine is brilliant!

    i think these “facts” say alot about you ……. i had to google that “anatideaphobia” ……..your level of nerdiness never fails to amaze and sadden me x

    • I promised I would. x

      ‘Anatidaephobia’ is a thing of glory! How can you know what it means and not have a heart full of joy?

      I know you don’t believe me, but there are far worse things to be than a ‘nerd’. *nerd-shrug*

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